Kaitlyn Lee (grade 9)


My name is Kaitlyn Lee, and I am a freshman. I like to do math competition so you’ll see me practicing for that most of the time. Other than that though, I like playing volleyball, and if I have any free time, I love to read.

what is your mains source of inspiration?

Due to this piece being a shrinklit, it was inspired by the book Alas Babylon by Pat Frank. This is a novel written in 1959 during the cold war, where at that time, fear of nuclear war between the United States and Russia was large. It described a community in Florida, facing consequences of a nuclear attack and having to learn how to survive.

what is your ideal writing environment?

I really like to write alone, on my desk since that’s where I think best. That way I can say random lines out loud to test if they sound good, and from there I finish drafts and share them with friends or family. They’ll tell me what they like and dislike and then I’ll continue to edit the drafts until I have a final copy.

what message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

I really liked the message in the book that there is no winner in a war and I hoped to convey that message through this piece. In a war, there are always losses on both sides, and it was very important to convey the message that war does not have a winner. Both sides lose as people fight and die, and friends and family lose the people they love.