Cristina Escardó (grade 10)


My name is Cristina Escardó and I am a sophomore. Most of my time is spent painting and writing, and I count myself very fortunate because of it! Besides the artwork and creative writing I do in school, I like to make time to bake, knit, and volunteer at my local stable.

what is your main source of inspiration?

The main sources of inspiration for my writing are my emotions. I like to use my writing as a tool to explore how I feel about the various situations I encounter as I stumble through life.

what was the most difficult part of your writing process for this work?

The villanelle poem structure I used for this poem proved to be tricky yet exciting to work with. The limitations and frequent repetition often left me reeling for a way to properly convey my feelings, but I was ultimately happy with the effect of the poem. I appreciate the emphasis provided by frequent repetition.

how do you resonate with your piece? why is it personal to you?

Coming from a Cuban background, I’ve heard plenty of the horrors which come with government corruption and pretty lies. In this poem, I wanted to emphasize how good intentions and good people can be easily exploited when trust is put in those who are self-serving.