Cycle of Day

by Marcus Gonzalez

A sky of ink, a space of dark
The white shards are the only thing bright
The moon, pale and light, the brilliant crest
The world a place of only black
Not a soul on the sleepy Earth awake
The rolling waves catching the moon’s glint

The sky begins to glow a red, removing the star’s glint 
The world seems to come out of the dark
The inhabitants, in their beds, begin to awake
Though the sky is still not yet bright,
it does seem to step away from the black
The moon disappears with its pale crest

The sun begins its journey to the top of its crest
All the shards of mirrors catch its glint
The fire in the sky pushes back the black
It surges forward removing all that is dark
It rises to let all know that the future is bright

Everyone on this little rock we call home is awake
The sun begins to descend down its crest
Yet the world remains happy and bright 
The people are so cheerful, you can see their smiles glint
Though in the horizon one could see a hint of dark
At the edge of their sight lays the waiting black

The oncoming night steadily encroaches, that creeping black 
The people try to rekindle light and remain awake
However, nothing can stop the marching dark 
The sun has finally set beneath the Earth’s crest
There is no more light to create a glint 
There is nothing but shadow and nothing bright

The stars in the sky shine to make the night bright 
but the world can only see night’s black 
Until tomorrow, there is nothing to spark a glint
Until tomorrow, there is nothing to keep anyone awake 
Until tomorrow, there is nothing besides the moon’s crest 
Until tomorrow, there is nothing besides the dark

However, the Sun will spark a glint once again, and the world will be bright
The eternal star will push away the dark, and burn through the black
The souls on this planet will awake, and the Sun will reach the top of its crest
Golden Spear, a painting by Ana Victoria Mellado.

I am an avid participant in the theatre program at American Heritage. I am also a part of many service-based clubs such as the Current Events Club and the Tri-M Honors Society. In my spare time, I like to read and write assorted literature.

What motivated you to write this piece?

Ever since I was young, I have always been obsessed with the sky and the weather. I continue to love staring up at the night sky and looking at the moon and stars. When thinking of a topic to write about, I decided to write this as an ode to the sky.

Do you write sporadically or regularly?

I write sporadically. Whenever I feel inspired or feel the need to express myself, I write. This lends itself to sudden periods of writing and periods of downtime.

What message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

I hope to convey a sense of uniqueness and beauty in the repetitive nature of the sky. We as humans tend to hate repetition; however, I hope this poem shows how the sky is still unique despite repeating every day.