in my own little world

by Lindsay Brasner

Final Hours, a drawing by Ava Miller (grade 10)
audio: read by the author


We are going on a plane;

I wonder what for. 

Mommy says its for a family trip;

I am so excited to explore. 


We are going on our trip;

It is finally here. 

But Lindsay doesn’t know what for; 

I hope she takes the news well.

We arrive to New York. 

Daddy says we’ll be here for a while.

I’m so excited for this trip. 

What else could be better than this?

We are now in New York.

I tell her our stay will be a while. 

Even though it is for my transplant,

I hope that she makes the best of it.

Mommy says I won’t be seeing Daddy so frequent.

Daddy tells me that it will all be okay. 

What is going on?

I hope Daddy is okay. 

I have to go to the hospital today; 

It will all be okay. 

I’m so worried about Lindsay; 

I hope she is okay.

Mommy says that Daddy’s in the hospital. 

I thought this was a fun, family trip.

What is going on?

I can’t deal with this. 

I will finally be healthy again. 

Though it is exciting;

The stress is consuming me. 

I am trying to deal with this calmly. 

Mommy explains what’s happening 

And when we can see Daddy.

Thoughts overwhelm me;

I want to scream, “WHY US”,

Thoughts pour into my head. 

What if I don’t wake from this bed?

This is so scary and I ask myself, 


Days pass and I get to see Daddy.

Mommy said his transplant went well.

I couldn’t be

more happy. 

The surgery went well,

And now I am healthy. 

I feel so thankful to see 

Laurie and Lindsay. 


Everything ended up turning out well,

A fun family trip turned into Hell. 

When I leave this hospital,

I want to travel the world with my family.


Our family reunited into one

I can’t believe that this had even begun.

Us back together 

Finally back as ONE.

I am grateful for the memories that I have experienced.

Family should always and forever be cherished.

I am grateful for the memories that I have experienced.

Family should always and forever be cherished.


Lindsay Brasner (grade 9)

My name is Lindsay Brasner and when I am not in school, I am golfing and hanging out with my friends. I am very passionate about golf, and I have been playing since I was 6 years old! I love literature, and I am passionate about writing.

what motivated you to write this piece?

My main motivation for writing my poem was the things that my family and I endured when my dad was in end stage kidney failure and our trip to New York.

What was the most difficult part of your writing process for this work?

The most difficult part of writing this piece was trying to capture the accurate feelings of the other point of view.

what message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

I hope to share that even when you are in the hardest times and it feels like your lowest, try to push to your fullest extent.