lord of flies: a savage story

by Jack Leonard

Corvids, an illustration by Alana Lodin (grade 12)

audio: read by the author

A group of young boys shot down,

Left on an island with no adults known.

A young boy named Ralph finds a conch shell,

Along with his new friend Piggy who likes caramel.

Ralph, Jack and Simon set off on a expedition,

And light a fire to hopefully spark ambition.

The boys notice a big ship in the distance,

Only to be left stranded with no one knowing of their existence.

The boys get their first kill,

However a new problem has evolved, a mysterious monster who proves great chills.

The monster, a dead paratrooper, sparks fear amongst the boys,

They set out to search for the creature like sheriffs did for the cowboys.

Jack attempts to overthrow the leader,

Only to be put down by the other boys who are like Ralph’s cheerleaders.

Simon has a horrible vision of the Lord of the Flies, and faints.

Simon looks at the monster, only to realize it isn’t real, causing great complaints.

He returns to camp and tries to expose the beast,

But is mistaken for the creature and is stabbed resulting in him being deceased.

Jack’s hunters steal Piggy’s glasses and a fight breaks out,

Roger rolls a rock and kills Piggy creating great doubt.

Ralph barely escapes from the throwing spears and hides,

Jack burns the forest, in hope to kill Ralph and take great pride.

However a ship notices the raging fire on the island,

And just like that the boys are saved and brought to dryland.

Jack Leonard

(grade 10)


My name is Jack Leonard, and I am a sophomore. When I am not at school, I like to spend my time playing tennis. When at school, you can find me taking pictures of nature.

what is your ideal writing environment?

In the complete darkness (except for my iPad), because then I can focus on writing and nothing else.

what message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

Have fun when writing poetry. Include the facts but also put in some humor.

what was the most difficult part of your writing process for this work?

Finding the perfect words to use, and if the sentence makes logical sense.