Melting Ice

by Taeyoung Kim

audio: read by the author
The polar bear gapes
As his slimming slab of ice
Wanes from beneath him
Tentacles, a sculpture by Megan Knochel


I am a sophomore involved in Speech & Debate, English Honor Society and Pre-Law.

What motivated you to write this piece?

To be honest, I wrote the piece because it was an assignment in my English class. However, the theme was inspired by the growing concern about the state of the environment in the press and on social media.

What is your ideal writing environment?

My ideal writing environment is one that I did not purposely create for writing. I find that I write best when I feel naturally inspired to do so.

What message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

I hope to convey the importance of being conscientious about the effects that we have on other life forms on the planet.