Emily Huang (grade 9)

My name is Emily Huang, and I am a freshman. When I am not at school, I like to spend my time coding and playing tennis. When I am at school, you can find me at club meetings and volunteering.

what was your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration for writing this piece is my English teacher, Mrs. Reeves. I didn’t know what exactly to write about in a short cinquain so I decided to write about her. She inspired me that I could write about anything as long as I put my mind to it.

what was the most difficult part of your writing process for this work?

The most difficult part of my writing process was to find the best descriptions that fit my English teacher, Mrs. Reeves. It was challenging to find the correct number of syllables while fully depicting my English teacher’s personality and physical appearance.

what is your ideal writing environment?

My ideal writing environment is the library or somewhere very quiet so I can find the right ideas and fully express myself.