Rainbow Coated Homophobia

by Zoe Weissman


I am a sophomore, and I am very involved in the March For Our Lives club I founded at our school. We work to not only end gun violence, but also provide resources to support students. I also compete in Congressional Debate, and I really enjoy theater tech.

What was the most difficult part of your process for this work?

The most difficult part of creating my political cartoon was figuring out how to best convey the idea of hypocrisy from politicians. Planning the layout of my piece was arguably more difficult than actually drawing it.

What message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

I hope that those who view my piece will be able to reflect on the backwards motivations of politicians. Even those who pretend to care about certain groups/minorities accept funding from groups such as anti-LGBTQ organizations and support bills to actively suppress rights.

How do you resonate with your piece? Why is it personal to you?

As a queer student, it is frustrating to watch politicians pretend to care about their LGBTQ+ constituents while simultaneously supporting policies that directly work against us. I channeled this frustrating into my piece because it is a hypocrisy within politics that is constantly overlooked.