sonnet to thee

by Juan Ruiz

Cherries, a painting by Alana Lodin (grade 12)

audio: read by the author

Shall I compare thee to an order of french fries? 

Or an elegant bowl of ice cream? 

For you are my only prize. 

My one and only dream. 

Thou art more enjoyable than chicken. 

Thou even trump steak. 

For you have left me stricken. 

You make my heart endlessly quake. 

My love, you top a fine dessert. 

That’s something you easily surpass. 

Without you, I’m left in the dirt. 

Thou art my caring, center of mass. 

My love, you are truly something holy. 

The only thing that can rival you 

Is a warm bowl of ravioli.

Juan Ruiz (grade 9)


Hi, my name is Juan Ruiz and I’m a freshman here at Heritage. I often stay before and after school for clubs like NJHS and Make a Wish, or for band rehearsals. When I’m at home, I like listening to music and calling with friends.

what is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is seeing how hardworking everyone around me is. The more I’m surrounded by driven, hardworking people, the more I push myself to be at that level, or better.

what is your ideal writing environment?

My ideal writing environment is a quiet space where I can sit alone and listen to music to help me concentrate. The music also serves to give me inspiration as to what I should write next.

what message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

I hope the reader sees aspects of Shakespeare’s original sonnet in my work, and yet still appreciates my humorous twist on it.