Summer-Autumn Love

by Amarachukwu Okpala

“Hiding in the Shade,” a photograph by Alex Neuman.
audio: read by the author
He’s hot
He’s flashy
He’s bright like the sun

Though in all
He’s Earth’s favorite son

Gives warmth
To all
With following showers

Bring us
What is known
As fun Summer hours

Even as
It goes dark
His presence remains

The best
Season ever
As many will claim

Then as he
Starts to dwindle
And retire for the year

sneaks in
All give out a cheer

For the colors
She brings
Red, bright yellow, and green

Her pumpkin spiced drinks
And her fashion for queens

She brings cool
Light breezes
Small remains of the sun

Who she loves
So dearly
As she does with no one

In the Summer-Autumn transition
So many it does please

With his warm
Summer rays, and her cool
Autumn breeze

There is, a balance
Between the two

Bringing Hot 
And Cold
In the same hue

We enjoy, all delights
That they offer to us

Like both fashion
And pool time
Their fusion such a plus

We enjoy, both seasons
A blend of their activities

A short period
To take advantage
Of both festivities 

Their union, is a blessing
A belief held by me

From the smells
To the sounds
And lovely sights to see

Festivals, carnivals
Celebrating these two

As well, as many wonders
Unbeknownst to you

This love
Between seasons
Makes my heart fly like a dove

Oh how much
I adore
A Summer-Autumn love 

I like to drum and ride bikes, and I can (kind of) skateboard, roller blade, and roller skate. I am in science research and a lot of pre-med clubs and classes. I enjoy learning about different cultures.

What motivated you to write this piece?

I started thinking of doing a piece on something I loved about nature. I could have written about the warmth summer brings or the cool breeze of autumn, but, loving both of these equally, I decided to write about both of them.

What was the most difficult part of your writing process for this work?

The most difficult part of writing this work was figuring out how to convey my message with the right rhythm.

Do you write sporadically or regularly?

I write sporadically, but would write regularly if I had the time.