literary fair 2022

180º Part II

welcome to the spring issue.


Sunflower, a painting by Fanli Wang.
# Love Thy Neighbor (No Exceptions), a photograph by Skye Stubbs.

free verse poetry

trapped ::: mikaella spyrides

血浓于水 ::: angelina wu

sunday mornings ::: serenity chan

four pairs of shoes ::: isabelle cipolla

cedars ::: mary abi-karam

rhymed verse poetry

the morning sky ::: ian tuffin

looking glass ::: mila bond

a creature ::: kevin sarkar

Don’t Look, a painting by Yishu Peng.

informal essay

the misplacement of morality ::: aeiress lumpkin

the dangers of queerbaiting ::: caroline levin-cardenas

Vase, a ceramics piece by Sarah Wang.

political cartoon

out of order ::: serenity aragon

rainbow coated homophobia ::: zoe weissman

Hot Pot Party, a painting by Yishu Peng.


wake up ::: benji hafetz-price

on falling asleep reading scripture ::: pablo hernandez

the eclipse ::: meghan renaud

Land of the…, a painting by Jin Kwon.
Two Generations: Madre, a drawing by Daniela Curi.

** scholastic award winners **



poetry interpretation poster

tree at my window ::: annika rui chen

Looking Glass, a photograph by Victoria Palumbo.


the fire ::: jason cheng

a snake’s relative ::: sarah franzblau

Ice Queen, a fashion design by Regina Villareal.


dissonance ::: matthew rodriguez

the star of the sea ::: kaelen lezec

Slab Waves, a sculpture by Sarah Franzblau.
Hiding in the Shade, a photograph by Alex Neuman.

scene writing

the billionaire’s lie ::: ella gohari

welcome to new york ::: david xiao

formal essay

squid game: the reason behind its success ::: nicole antoinetta

men’s religions vs. women’s spirituality ::: isabella melians

apartheid’s diplomatic debate history ::: nelli sacca

Still Life, a drawing by Audrey Wang.


december ::: josh sarkarati

Go With the Flow, a photograph by Aspen Schenker.


ode to the crimson princess ::: zeyu jiang

summer-autumn love ::: amarachukwu okpala

The Silent Cry for Help, a digital artwork by Eda Imer.
Leopard Vases, a ceramics piece by Noor Hachem.


cycle of day ::: marcus gonzalez

personal narrative

fight or flight ::: wenshi chen

Underneath the Bonded Roots, a drawing by J’nesse Balkman.


the greedy monkey ::: aleksandr yarashevich

the cheetah and the mouse ::: xuzhou ren

Examined 1, a painting by Yishu Peng.


hurricane ::: josh sarkarati

melting ice ::: taeyoung kim

eating disorder ::: emma lazarus

Obsession, a painting by Sewon Myung.


the crucible ::: joleen huang

Portrait of Brother, a mixed media piece by Ivy Feild.
Wild, a photograph by Mia Butler.

poem for two voices

aging and losing and learning what? 后悔? (regret?) ::: jennifer chiou

alive, deceased ::: morgan sack

literary comic strip

breaking through ::: keke cen

Black Heart, a sculpture by Carla Ramirez.

children’s book

life of kepler’s supernova ::: katherine calle

Little Italy, Boston, a photograph by Maya Hernandez.

novel interpretation poster

the crucible ::: gabriela bravo-lopez

désirée’s baby ::: sarah mitre

Vase, a ceramics piece by Sarah Franzblau.
The Wave, a drawing by Sophia Curbelo.

short story

disillusioned ::: jack ryan

housekeeping ::: sar nandi

we live unknown ::: audrey prado

the glass jar ::: maya hernandez