the city that never sleeps

by Emma Griffith

Dreamer, digital artwork by Alina Samylova (grade 11)
audio: read by the author
Colossal buildings towering over the night,
Filled with countless stories and glistening lights.
A blanket of darkness hovers over the gleaming city, 

The moon watching over the mysterious sky looked so pretty.
With the sounds of blasting car horns and the bustling of people below, 
The clear cloudless sky reminded me of the approaching winter snow.
In each of the glaring lights, dreams were becoming a reality, 
Small people in a big city living to reach their potential’s full totality.

The street lights cast a fluorescent bright yellow glow, 
Each lights a spotlight for the many upcoming Broadway shows. 
Here in the Big Apple, everyone takes a bite,
I want to absorb everything and not miss a sight.

The Empire State Building can be spotted from miles away,
How I love New York City, I wish I could stay.
The city is filled with countless happy cries and weeps, 

Anything is possible in the city that never sleeps.


Emma Griffith (grade 9)

My name is Emma Griffith and I’m a freshman in the pre-law track. I’m a softball player and play 3rd base for a travel team during the fall, winter and summer and for American Heritage’s Varsity Softball team during the spring. When I’m in school, you can usually find me in the classroom or on the softball field. When I’m not in school, I like to spend time with family, friends and my dog, Teddy. I love to read true crime novels, travel, go to the movies, shop, cook, spend time at the beach and volunteer in the community. I also love all things New York City and hope to go to college and law school there.

what was the most difficult part of your writing process for this work?

The most difficult part of my writing process for this work was trying to incorporate everything I love about New York City into a condensed piece.

what is your ideal writing environment?

My ideal writing environment would be a quiet place where I could focus on the topic I am writing about so I can put my best work forward.

how do you resonate with your piece? Why is it personal to you?

This piece truly expresses my love for New York City. I have been to New York City three times throughout my lifetime. I especially love admiring the views from the top of the Empire State Building. I also love visiting Times Square and indulging in the many experiences New York City has to offer.