The Crucible

by Joleen Huang

Looking Glass, a photograph by Victoria Palumbo.
audio: read by the author

Deep in the dark woods hides the unknown,

No witches, no devil, just flawed humans alone.

A Puritan town torn apart by a teenage-girl’s lies,

Her big ego was about to cause the villagers’ demise.

To stay out of trouble the truth she must flip,

To keep her John Proctor under a firm grip.

The finger pointing follows, so the mad games begin.

That woman likes novels! The devil must have taken her for a spin,

Goodie Proctor does have a poppet! She must be a wicked witch.

The law claims God speaks through the liars, and it works like a sales pitch.

Some want more land, others seek revenge, and many crave power,

The more they cry witches, the more their reality turns sour,

Hysteria takes over, Salem’s people are drowning, they’re under an evil spell.

Hale pleads for fairness, but in the Salem court the word justice rings no bell.

Their world is upside down, their sense of justice went out of whack,

Hard to tell saints from sinners for the people in the court are a troubled pack.

In the name of justice the court sends the innocent to die,

Mob mentality and ambition bore a monster, and made fair and decent go awry,

What about us, when the time comes, will we wave justice goodbye?


I am a junior. I just go on my phone and watch something that might entertain me during my free time. I am a part of a few clubs for extracurricular activities, including AASA, the Asian American Student Association; Pre-business society; Change for Children, where they donate to different places to help children; and a few other clubs.

What is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration would be to continue growing and learning new things to become successful in life.

Do you write sporadically or regularly?

I write sporadically; I don’t write much if I don’t need to.

What message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

Through this piece, I hope to convey the message that you don’t always have to fit in with everyone else, especially when it is not fair; stand up for what you believe is right.