the mortal gods

by Dhruv Khosla

audio: read by author

There was a rumble of thunder and lightning and at the root of it stood a man. The people of Sparta stopped and looked at this towering muscular man as he strode through the streets with a certain arrogance. As he looked over the people, he knew he could easily snap their necks and kill them all. It wouldn’t require any effort either, but it was just so unnecessary. He however had work to do as he had to ensure the Norse were the only gods left, and he proceeded to the City Center.

At the City Center, nobody seemed courageous enough to enquire who this man was. He radiated power and arrogance. He was the strongest and he knew it. He reached a temple and stared at it with anger in his eyes. Hordes of people were crowded around the temple, praying to the god Ares. He saw a statue and stared at the lapel. It read “Ares the god of war and weapons”. With a roar he raised his hammer and knocked out the statue roaring
 “I am the only god of war”.

The people stared in shock and anger at the now decapitated statue. Ares was their patron god, and not being able to stand this disrespect to him, a mob rushed at the man with anger in their eyes. But the man just stood there and smiled a cruel smile and started mercilessly pummeling the people with his hammer. Cries of anger quickly turned to fear, as more and more people were killed. At the end of this killing spree almost a hundred people were dead. The remaining Greeks stood there trembling in fear and called upon Ares to help them. The mysterious man finally showed who he was and it was none other than the immortal Norse god of thunder and war- Thor. 

Suddenly with a red glow materialized a warrior wearing a war helmet and armor while wielding a glowing spear. Ares had come to his followers' aid, and he was enraged when he saw what Thor had done.
“Who are you?” said Ares, “ and why did you kill my people?”

“I am Thor the god of thunder, and your people attacked me. I just retaliated in defense .”

Enraged by these words Ares roared “You have made a heinous mistake, and now you will die for it”

With that the 2 gods launched themselves at each other, Thor wielding his magic hammer, Mjolnir and Ares, with his armor and spear. The greatest warriors of each pantheon fighting against each other. The remaining Greeks, seeing the intensity of the fight, fled as fast as they could. 

Sparks flew as Thor’s mighty hammer met Ares’s spear, as the 2 gods began trading blows. However, from the start of the fight it was clear that Thor had the upper hand, both in training and weapons, Nonetheless Ares was not a pushover, he was cunning and was trying to analyze any weaknesses of his opponent. Their fight was causing a lot of structural damage to the temple near them which was starting to crack and their blows destroyed the nearby terrain and sent lightning blasts everywhere.Swathes of Greeks lay dead on the ground as they had tried to run, but couldn’t make it far enough in time.

Eventually Thor disarmed Ares of his spear, and began mercilessly pummeling him with his hammer, but Ares had a plan and between 2 strikes of Thor’s hammer, he pulled out a sharp knife and buried it in Thor’s neck. As Thor staggered, more in shock that he was hurt than pain, and dropped his hammer, Ares tried to pick up the Hammer and wanted to beat the arrogant god with his own weapon, but he couldn’t lift it up. It was too heavy and Thor, who had healed from his wound, gave a bellowing laugh and started beating up Ares again .Golden Ichor, the blood of the Greek gods, was all over the temple.

Thor then picked up Mjolnir and was ready to carry out the final blow when a huge bolt of lightning ripped through the ground, separating the 2, and at the center of it stood a huge, imposing God with yellow lightning flowing through his body.

Zeus looked up with malice in his eyes.


The Gods of Olympus had been watching the fight, but didn’t deem the fight very harmful to Ares before the final blow. Deep down they had always believed that Ares would triumph over this muscled intruder, as they had experienced Ares in action, he could always take down enemies far stronger than him by playing dirty. What they did not know was how often  Thor dealt with Loki, who did the same thing as Ares.. 

When the fight got to the point where Ares was under threat of being very grievously hurt, or maybe killed( although Greek gods are immortal, they were worried that Thor could kill immortals). Zeus knew he had to step in before Ares got killed. 


Zeus’s anger was immeasurable and he knew he had to humble the arrogant god

“Go back to Olympus, Apollo will heal you” he said to the battered Ares.

Thor looked angry at not being able to kill his foe and with a battle cry, he lifted his hammer and brought it down on Zeus… but Zeus wasn’t there. The 2 gods were involved in a brief but intense battle. Thor was the better combatant, but Zeus was far more powerful and knowledgeable than Thor, and inevitably managed to take down Thor. 

With his huge reserve of power, he cursed Thor and all the Norse gods

“ For coming to our land, and attacking us unprovoked, I hereby take away your immortality, you shall live longer than mortals, but you shall also die as they do, just later.”

There was a huge glow as Thor felt himself grow weaker, he paled and rushed back to Asgard( his home)and found the same fate had been incurred by all gods there. He had not just failed in his mission to kill the Greek gods but all the Norse gods had suffered a huge loss because of him.

Meanwhile Zeus was a lot weaker than usual. It had required a humongous amount of power to take away the immortality of the Norse gods. But he had tipped the scale of power towards the Greek, as Thor started with horror at the aftermath of the curse.

Since then all Norse gods have lost their immortality and the Greek gods have been more powerful than them due to their invulnerability.