the sun temple’s protector

by Angelica (Jasper) Munoz

Angelica (Jasper) Munoz (grade 9)


My name is Angelica (Jasper) Munoz, and I am currently a freshman at American Heritage. When I am not a school I am often listening and singing along to music or binging shows such as The Owl House and Heartstopper. When I am at school I can often be spotted reading a book while listening to music, talking to friends, or in the art room.

what motivated you to write this piece?

I wanted to draw something light hearted, cute, and funny. I wanted to change what I created this time since usually my works are very deep drawings about emotions. This was a nice change of pace.

what was the most difficult part of your writing process for this work?

The hardest part was writing and designing the hero. I wanted them to sit with the colors of the rest of the comic while still standing out and generic enough that they just look like a person on a quest. It was also hard coming up with the story they were going to say but in the end I realized it would be better if I left the story open ended.

what is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration in my art is the things that are happening around me or I get inspiration from other artists, musical and traditional, or even my friends and the things

they say.