by Rajam Arunprakash

Looking Forward, a painting by Jada Tuffin (grade 12)

audio: read by the author


out with the tyrants and in with the ones like us

the ones who will truly protect us

we give and we get back


‘four legs good two legs bad’

total equality 

in our social classes

we provide them the things they need 

to keep leading us

necessary luxuries

we would be nowhere without their



they’re golden 


always right

can not

will not

say no

respect our


this state of the farm

this peaceful happy farm

this wrinkled corrupted farm

surely better off with

the pigs

Rajam Arunprakash (grade 10)


My name is Rajam Arunprakash and I am a sophomore. You can find me in many things STEM as I do Math Comp, along with HOSA and Pre-Engineering activities. On the rare days I can go home early, I watch my favorite cartoons and procrastinate homework with origami instead.

what was the most difficult part of your writing process for the work?

Probably the most difficult part of this process was trying to get into the minds of the characters from Animal Farm. As this was meant to be a poem about their story, I had to read closely to see the subtle nuances in how the characters progressed in their beliefs of the world.

do you write sporadically or regularly?

I write in a combination of both of these, actually! I have main writing periods in the year, during which I write a lot each and every day for a couple months. Then, my inspiration kinda lessens and I take a step back from writing.

what is your ideal writing environment?

Somewhere calm. Light rain or pleasant sunshine. Just me, maybe a friend or two, sitting in comfortable silence as we listen to the nature around us.