Wake Up

by Benji Hafetz-Price

She is focused on what’s above, a pastel and ink on paper by Daniela Curi

The sun began to set, his warm smile

encompassed us, kissed us both goodnight, 

He left, all the light faded from the isle

and yet the world around me felt just as bright

As if every person had left with the sun,

Every eye enveloped within her gaze.

From the corner of my eye I noticed one

dove, white as fire, its feathers ablaze

Our eyes met, my focus transfixed on

a singular tear, held back in its stare

Its body grayed, fractured and disappeared

No longer seen, but its presence was still there

I woke up. The dove’s tears fresh on my bed

I looked around, alone, my heart freshly bled.


I am a senior, and I have been doing music of all sorts since I can remember. I am currently on a musical theatre scholarship at American Heritage School and play multiple instruments, including piano, guitar and voice. Recently, I have become very interested in writing, whether it be for music, literature or film.

Do you write sporadically or regularly?

Although I enjoy writing and try to work on my craft a good amount, it is very hard to find a good balance when juggling all of my school work and extracurriculars. Because of this, however, the works that I choose to work on are pieces that really connect with me. This has allowed me to create a lot of art that I find very meaningful and impactful, regardless of how long the writing process takes.

What artists and/or writers inspired or influenced your work?

Both of my parents are artists, and they have been extremely influential in the way that I view art as a whole. I’ve grown up with people who do what they do for the right reasons. My parents have instilled this drive in me to create because my art has the ability to profoundly impact people, which, at the end of the day, is what it’s all about.

What message do you hope to convey to the reader through your piece?

I hope that readers of this piece take away the message that pain is universal and is felt by everyone in different ways. In the midst of the pandemic, we as a collective society have endured so much, whether it be through heartbreak, grief, anger, depression, etc., and a lot of us have had to handle these things in a form of isolation and limited human interaction. However, just because we may physically be alone does not mean that we have to go through these hardships that way. The only way we can make it through these tough times, and whatever comes our way in the future, is if we do it together with love and support.