woken by the sea

by Matheus Linhares Guedin

audio: read by the author

Waves tremble away

Drags in light, drags out the night

Sea stands by my porch

Matheus Linhares Guedin (grade 9)

My name is Matheus Linhares Guedin and I am a freshman. When I’m not in school, I spend my time playing various instruments, watching movies, going out with friends, and working out.

what is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is music. I find that good music comes with great lyrics, which inspire my daily life and of course, my writing.

what motivated you to write this piece?

I was inspired to write “Woken by the Sea” by two main things. The first was a vacation I took to the Bahamas, where this beautiful, clear sea would meet the porch of the house I was staying at. The second, was a song by Pearl Jam titled “Oceans”, which talks about the songwriter’s love for the ocean.

How do you resonate with your piece? Why is it personal to you?

This piece resonates with me because it is kind of an image of a perfect, relaxing moment. I find that it reflects a peaceful day, where everything is in harmony and perfect. The piece is personal to me as I feel like most people’s goal in life is to find that peace that the poem describes.